About Langdon

Langdon Foss, thrice-nominated for the Rex Pantsaplenty Award for Adequate Artisticness in the Arts, and recipient of an honorary degree at the Funnybook Academy of Lower-East Havana, spends his energies navigating the delicate current betwixt the ebb of creativity and the flow of responsibility. Finding some early acclaim in Heavy Metal Magazine celebrating his Japanese and European inspirations, he spent his fledgling years crafting comics that mined the seam of the human condition with the greasy machinery of good design and thoughtful technique. That creative abandon careened off the curb of editorial direction with years of drawing and designing for role-playing games companies like Wizards of the Coast and White-Wolf Games before Langdon steered his artistic landyacht back to the turnpike of comic book illustration. Langdon re-entered the comics scene in 2012, drawing Anthony Bourdain's Get Jiro! He’s currently working on a book for Image comics, drawing covers, writing two graphic novels, doing concept design for movies, raising two kids, and trying to find the formula for a Correct and Effective life. He thinks he’s close, the poor fool.