Next Foss work on the shelves- LETTER 44 #32

by Langdon on February 13, 2017

I'm very pleased to say that I've had the honor of working with the excellent Charles Soule on another book, this time an issue of LETTER 44. LETTER 44 #32 will be out in April, and concerns the origins of the Builder's plight, and why they came to the Sol system to begin with. It takes place almost entirely in an alien environment, and was really fun to draw. Colors by the talented Dan Jackson. Displaying LETTER44 #32 - 4x6 COMP SOLICIT WEB.jpg
I'm delighted to announce that the excellent Felix Lu over at Felix Comic Art is now my official original art and commissions representative. Feel free just to browse, or if you have a page in mind from books like GET JIRO!, BUCKY BARNES:THE WINTER SOLDIER, and THE SURFACE, just let him know and he'll take good care of you. The store on this website is still open for business for prints, books, and other pieces. Thank you for your continued love and support.


Catch Langdon at Denver Comic Con!

May 22, 2015

Langdon will be at Denver Comic-Con 2015 from Saturday to Monday afternoon, at tables A20-A24. He’ll be signing, drawing sketches, and selling original art, prints, and comics including GET JIRO!, BUCKY BARNES:WINTER SOLDIER, and issues from his latest book, THE SURFACE. Stop by and he’ll draw you a robot! Nicer robots for people who bring more »

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HZAZH – An exhibition of visionary drawing by Langdon Foss

July 23, 2014

“Foss uses texture, contour, and line to explore often alien forms and situations in this series of intricate ink drawings on display this August at S.P.Q.R. But behind the strange details and odd juxtapositions sleeps a reflection of the root of our common experience, a reflection the viewer is invited to recognize, and to explore. more »

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Books shop now open for business

November 6, 2013

You read that headline right. Unless it didn’t post- I update this thing so seldom, that I can’t quite remember what happens. Let’s say it again then- The Books shop is now open for business! Yes, cozily wedged into the Shop menu you’ll find Books and Booklets, containing my first big art book for sale- artist more »

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My opinions of The Hobbit

January 3, 2013

So I just watched the Hobbit, and on the whole, I absolutely loved it. Three hours is not too long to sit if filled with scenes and moments as fresh and beautiful as those. I didn’t feel like sequences repeated themselves; I didn’t struggle to explain the character’s motivations; The characters were interesting and behaved more »

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The Prints section is now up!

December 9, 2012

Hey there, wild-eyed junk genie- You may have noticed the new “Shop” section. Oddly coinciding with the holiday shopping season, you can now find many of my recent prints for sale there. If you’d like to buy some of my original comic art, I’ll have something a little more presentable than the current absolutely nothing more »

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Image announces my next book, “The Surface”

October 13, 2012

Image Comics announced at NYCC this morning the next book I’ll be drawing, called The Surface, which means so can I! Written by the visionary volcano Ales Kot – the acclaimed writer of this year’s Wild Children –  The Surface concerns civilization gone wrong, the promise of freedom, desperate dreamers, city-ships, commandos, robots, and the more »

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October 6, 2012

The McKrawlah Sisters were famous for two things- Their seafood souffles, and their chumminess with the Great Beyond. Frannie, Swilda, and Beatbox McKrawlah not pictured.

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Some thoughts about Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks

September 10, 2012

[Spoiler-oni] This episode had a few genuinely moving moments, but they were overwhelmed by the elements in the story that left me feeling a little deflated. Some elements seemed to have no precedent in the Doctor Who canon, and seemed only to muddy the distinction between the various races of the Doctor’s enemies. One example more »

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