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Books, my friend. Books. It's what brought us out of the dark age, thanks to agoraphobic monks dressed in burlap who knew a good idea when they saw one- that is, the preservation of civilization. Now you, too, can have some books, this time- with Langdon's art in them.

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artist-ARCHIVES artist ARCHIVES- feat. LANGDON FOSS Hot off the presses (no, not really, but it certainly was at one point, and it IS new,) a sumptuous collection of rare and never-before seen illustrations and sketches. In this square-bound tome you'll find hundreds of Langdon's favorite drawings from role playing games, comics, design, and - especially exciting to some- original versions of pieces previously only seen in garish "color." Like that fad's going to last. Lovingly edited and introduced by Ryan S. Davis. b&w, 120 pages Price: $20
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