Books shop now open for business

by Langdon on November 6, 2013

artist-ARCHIVESYou read that headline right. Unless it didn't post- I update this thing so seldom, that I can't quite remember what happens. Let's say it again then- The Books shop is now open for business! Yes, cozily wedged into the Shop menu you'll find Books and Booklets, containing my first big art book for sale- artist ARCHIVES, 120 pages of rare, unseen, and especially noteworthy pieces of Langdon's over the last several years. Grab one now while we have them- they're just inconvenient enough to have printed that supply is itinerant- just like Langdon's attention span. No, for reals, if Langdon's attention span were a bridge, it could span a mighty gap indeed. If it were a laser, such would its intensity be, that it could carve through a very thin sheet of solid granite, or even a watermelon. Boasting aside, now- This book was edited and very kindly introduced by my friend and local comics creator Ryan Davis, one of the dynamos of Colorado's comics scene. It's though his efforts and sacrifice that this book exists, and he has my many thanks.  

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