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Happy Holidays

by Langdon on December 27, 2010

By the Knights of Columbus, that was a crazy stretch.  The holidays are so dense and frantic that I feel like a little squirrel dashing around trying to remember where I stashed my acorns, or a bear stuffing as many grubs and berries in my furry cheeks so I can sleep until spring, except for a shrub break every couple of weeks or so.  Now that I put it that way, it sounds perfectly normal, and kind of inviting. Gone in this civilization are the myths born of shortening nights filling our hearts with the dread of a long winter; Rather, here are the days of baking cookies and packing as many calories into bodies and glucose into our bloodstreams as humanly possible.  Do we slow down in winter because it's our biological imperative to survive winter, or because we're in a constant state of sugar-crash? In that vein, I made fudge using sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk.  Megan told me after (after I ate a whole batch by myself, that is) that condensed milk adds almost 200 calories per two tablespoons. No wonder I feel like I'm ready to sleep until spring.  It wasn't even that good- There was so much sugar that it couldn't all melt into a smooth, creamy block of goodness.  It was more like eating a brick made out sand glued together with chocolate syrup.  Not that it was all that bad, either- A sand-brick glued together with chocolate syrup still contains chocolate syrup. Anyway, be happy my friends, light some candles, play with your toys, and carry on until spring.

Christmas Card 2010

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