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Like a phoenix from the ashes

by Langdon on December 13, 2010

Like a phoenix from the ashes, if the phoenix were room-temperature, and the ashes were a perfectly functioning, if poorly-maintained website. Any way you roast that succulent, mythical bird, this is the reboot of, home to my art, musings, and contact info. This new version promises to make my life much easier while still making it worth your efforts to come here and hope, previously in vain, for some new art. My blog is now part of the site and much prettier, and I promise to tend to it much more frequently. You, my friends, fans, and compatriots, deserve no less of me, even as you might deserve less OF me. Also, consider chasing me down like a blushing Actaeon on Facebook, my page on which I might update even more frequently than here.

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