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Proof that to think there isn’t more is foolish

by Langdon on August 29, 2009

I am now of the opinion that the suggestion that our apprehension of the fundamental nature the human condition is as it appears, is utterly preposterous.

We all wonder if there is somehow more to life than we've uncovered over our decades of living it. We are also generally quick to accept that we may never know what lies beyond the confines of our senses or our cognition, and go back to working, loving, and suffering. If indeed there is somehow more to 'life' than what we've experienced, some vaster, invisible realm of dimension, complexity and meaning that simply lies beyond our ability to experience it, we should still be able to convince our minds that 'it' exists. We've seen The Matrix, we've thought the thought experiments, yet it remains so abstract, so academic. Listening to Alan Watts and drawing a moustachioed dinosaur head got me to accept certain principles.

If, as Buddhism says, life is a dream from which we will eventually awaken, then just as the night-dreamer knows nothing of his waking life, the life-dreamer must not be able to fathom 'life' after 'death.' The possibilities of what that reality would contain for our experience is unspeakably infinite.

We've also heard speculation that we're existing as elements in a higher-dimensional computer simulation of some sort. Considering how easily we can accept the simulation of worlds on our own computers, and considering how vast, ancient and infinitely Multiversal the Universe appears to be, there can only be one conclusion- That it is more than likely that we are dreaming this life. That is, either as an element in an advanced alien computer simulation, or an element in an alien computer simulation running on a computer so advanced that it's the same thing as dreaming, or even in the mystical model of the Universe at play as fragments of itself, there is no reason whatsoever to think that we as individuals in a three dimensional world are not all... imagined.

Layer those fried eggs of your magical experiences with the wholesome bread of hard reason, and you got yourself something to bite into.

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